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SolarPower Europe and AIE announce new cooperation to power Europe’s energy future

SolarPower Europe and the European Association for Electrical Contractors (AIE) are thrilled to announce the beginning of a new cooperation between the two trade associations.

SolarPower Europe is the leading trade association in Europe's solar sector, representing over 200 members across the entire solar value chain. The association is extremely active on the policy front, shaping the regulatory environment to open up business opportunities to deploy more solar in Europe, and thus opening up new opportunities for electrical contractors to help build an efficient and safe energy system in Europe.

James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe announced this new cooperation saying: “SolarPower Europe has worked with AIE in the past on key issues such as the Small is Beautiful campaign, to promote rooftop solar installations and the campaign to remove trade duties from solar panels. With this new cooperation, we can work even closer on other important issues that impact the electricity sector - from innovative technology development to safe installation. This cooperation is strengthening links between the solar industry and electric installers and will enhance both organisations”.

Thomas Carlsson, President of AIE commented: “Together, AIE and SolarPower Europe represent over 1,4 million workers and €155 billion total turnover in Europe. This constitutes a significant part of the total energy value chain in Europe, which means that this cooperation will result in a more coordinated approach between the solar industry and the electric installers in Europe. This cooperation will help our organisations deliver a boost for business opportunities and job creation in Europe”.

Christian Westermeier, President of SolarPower Europe added: “Working together, we will be able to access a greater pool of knowledge and expertise to better inform policy makers and industry leaders to develop a more efficient framework to ensure a clean and secure energy future for all Europeans”.

AIE and SolarPower Europe will join forces on the main European policy issues in the coming weeks and months, to underline the enhanced relationship between electrical installers and the solar industry in Europe today.You can catch the first cooperative effort between the two associations on 14-15 March in Brussels at the SolarPower Summit where the Secretary General of AIE will speak on the EU Focus panel "Small is Beautiful" to discuss supporting small-scale solar installations for a consumer-driven energy transition.

Download the official press release here.

Learn more about SolarPower Europe here.

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