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Digitalising the construction sector – the missing tool we need to build a strong EU economyy

11 June 2018, Brussels – Today, AIE, along with other associations in the construction sector, have called upon EU policy makers to support the digitalisation of the construction industry by releasing ‘The European Digital Construction Manifesto’.

“The construction sector represents over 14 million jobs and 3.3 million companies, most of which are SMEs. This industry is therefore an integral part of the European economy, and its digitalisation is essential for the EU to remain competitive globallywhile supporting local jobs and business opportunities. For AIE, it is therefore crucial that the whole value chain is included in this digital transformation, from manufacturing to installation and maintenance, to ensure that all electrical contractors and SMEs can benefit from the digitalisation of the construction sector”, said Giorgia Concas, General Secretary of AIE.

The first of its kind, this manifesto highlights the importance of the digital transformation of the construction sector to achieve other EU priorities, as the sector is a crossroads between many different industries and policy objectives.

“Digitalisation not only improves productivity, but also improves the quality of buildings, safety, working conditions, business models and environmental protection. This means that with a strong regulatory framework and coherence between industries, a digital construction sector can be an important tool to fulfil key EU objectives such as job creation, energy efficiency, circular economy, climate change, health, education – the list goes on and on. The digitalisation of the construction sector is really an opportunity for the EU to enhance the quality of life for all Europeans” commented Concas.

In order to realise this potential, the manifesto calls on EU policy makers to: take the political lead on digital construction, put in place an appropriate framework on data policy, and ensure that the new EU budget focuses on digital skills, R&D, and deployment of IT infrastructure.

“The construction sector is already digitalising by itself. For example, electrical contractors are now using digital technologies in their everyday work by installing and maintaining smart home systems and process and energy monitoring and control applications in industrial buildings, implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM), and creating digital platforms for organising workers and projects. What we need from the EU is to build strong networks between all industries in the sector to harmonise the flow of knowledge and expertise in order to ensure no one gets left behind and we have the necessary skills to realise the transformation needed to boost the industry”, stated Thomas Carlsson, AIE President.

Read the full manifestohere.

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