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A forward looking Primary Energy Factor for a Greener European Future

AIE co-signed on 22nd of February a common position letter on the PEF revision and the need to update the PEF to 2.0.

We are a group of companies and associations that are committed to EUs goal of decarbonising the European energy system. We are in this context concerned that the review of the primary energy factor for electricity constitutes a barrier to these objectives. Some of the signatories had also published a joint statement on PEF in 2017.

In view of the upcoming trilogue discussions, we advocate for:

  • > Deciding on a PEF of 2.0 for 2020 (when the directive will be implemented nationally), as supported by the Fraunhofer Institutes’s scientific methodology mentioned in the study, prepared for the Commission: a higher PEF incentivises electricity savings over direct fossil savings, acting as a barrier for the decarbonisation of the heating sector.
  • > Setting a regular review of the PEF in order to reflect changes in the reality of the energy mix: by 2030 the EU RES share in power generation is projected to be at least 49%. The accelerated greening of the electricity mix justifies a frequent review of the value based on the aforementioned methodology.

Download the common position letter here

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