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The European Association for Electrical Contractors (AIE) looks to the future with new General Secretary

4 April 2018, Brussels – Today marks the first day of the European Association for Electrical Contractors’ (AIE) new leadership as the association moves forward to strengthen the interests of electrical contractors at the EU-level.

The new General Secretary of AIE will be Giorgia Concas, former Senior Policy Advisor at SolarPower Europe. She is preceded by Evelyne Schellekens, who has done an outstanding job as General Secretary of the association for almost 20 years.

“It has been a great honour and pleasure for me to serve the interests of AIE and electrical contractors for so many years. It is a dynamic sector, evolving constantly to take up the challenges of a wide range of rapidly changing technologies. More than ever, with the electrification of our society, I am convinced electrical contractors will continue to be key players in the electricity market, providing first-hand expert advice and solutions to their customers across Europe in this new era and installing smart, efficient electrical systems", commented Schellekens.

“AIE has had over 60 years of experience bringing together electrical contractors and representing their needs to ensure safe and quality electrical installations across Europe. As the new General Secretary of AIE, I will work to bring even more visibility to the importance of electrical contractors for the European economy, in the electricity and building sectors”, said Concas.

Thomas Carlsson, President of AIE, commented: “AIE has been an important voice for electrical contractors to make sure they have all the tools they need to bring electricity to all of us. Representing over 1.2 million jobs, 125,500 companies and 137 billion euro in turnover, AIE and electrical contractors really are at the heart of Europe’s electricity system”.

The new AIE Secretariat will now be in Brussels at 69-71 rue d’Arlon, in close proximity to the European Parliament. More contact details for the new secretariat can be found here.

Download the press release here.

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