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The Policy Coordination Committee is responsible to the Council of Delegates, to which it shall present an annual report and is responsible for the implementation of the general policy of The Association.

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  • Electrical contractors of Europe create the technological infrastructure for the future society

    With the increasing complexity of technical installations the private consumer and house owner, as well as the contracting authority or purchasing official are becoming more and more dependent on the knowledge and creativity of the electrical contractor.

    Nowadays, the electrician is no longer just a skilled technician. He is an expert adviser who is able to explain to the client the possibilities and advantages of new technology. It is not only the technical aspect but also the environmental impact of the installation. Automation techniques, including optical fiber technology, micro-processors, and programmable logic controllers, are normal skills of modern electrical contractors.

  • Electrical contractors design, install and maintain intelligent systems for all kinds of industrial, commercial and domestic purposes alongside the well-known power and lighting applications.

    They know how to deal with ICT and telecommunications, public street lighting, control and energy management systems, access, fire and security control equipment, lightning protection systems, advertising and identification signs and emergency power generating systems and renewable energy systems.

  • As technology advances, electrical contractors carry out an ever-increasing proportion of the value of construction work.

    Mechanical and electrical installations can account for as much as 60% of the initial cost of a project but this percentage can be much greater when life cycle costs are taken into account. As a result of his involvement from the design and installation to commissioning, testing and maintenance, the electrical contractor has a significant contribution to make in achieving best value for clients especially in providing cost-effective design solutions that best meet clients’ needs.

  • The advisory expertise of the electrical contractor is a vital part of delivering efficiency and quality.


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