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Decentralised electrification

With the growth of many disruptive small-scale technologies, such as solar PV, battery storage and electromobility, the European economy is progressively electrifying. Electrification helps Europe increase efficiencies and protect health and climate. In our sector, electrification creates a large number of new business and job opportunities.

AIE is committed to:

  • Communicating the benefits of decentralized, clean and efficient power technologies
  • Promoting their optimal installation, operation and maintenance, so that they run safely and optimally throughout their entire lifetime
  • Informing European policy initiatives for the adoption of small-scale electrical technologies and applications.



Safe, comfortable and green buildings

Buildings are where we spend most of our time and are one of the most important sources of CO2 emissions in Europe. The professionals we represent are building experts and provide a key contribution to making our buildings safe, comfortable and green.

AIE is committed to:

  • Raising awareness about electrical safety aspects, especially within residential buildings
  • Informing debates on the adoption of digital processes and technologies to plan, build, operate and upgrade buildings with the highest safety, comfort and energy standards



Skilled electrical contractors

To reap the benefits of all emerging clean and digital technologies, Europeans must be served by competent electrical contractors.

AIE is committed to:

  • Communicating on the key role of skilled and qualified electrical contractors for the optimal installation and operation of power and communication technologies
  • Supporting initiatives that extend electrical contractors’ competences and portfolios of solutions.

Specific information about how we support electricians’ upskilling on emerging building technologies, visit the SMARTEL project website.

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