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Stimulating the networking platform by cooperating and communicating between the AIE members and sector related associations is one of the key priorities of the AIE. Find out on this page about 60 years networking across Europe!

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International partners



FAPECA | The Federation of Asian and Pacific Electrical Contractors' Associations
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NECA AU | The National Electrical Contractors' Association
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NECA USA | National Electrical Contractors' Association
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60 years of AIE networking across Europe

  • AIE is cooperating partner of CENELEC – the European Committee for Electrotechnical standardization

  • Electrical value chain Alliance on a common position on the Primary energy conversion factor.

  • Up to 8 European Associations responded positively to the initiative of AIE in November 2014 to share their concerns regarding the use of conversion factors for electricity, in EU energy and climate policy. On 26 February 2014 a joint letter undersigned by 8 European Associations (AIE, CECED - European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers, ECI - European Copper Institute, EUEW - European Union of electrical Wholesalers, EURELECTRIC – Union of the Electricity Industry, EHPA - Electric Underfloor Heating Association, NHO - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises) was sent to the Director general of DG Energy.

  • Final joint Position Paper Ecodesign and Energy labelling Directive review

  • The signatories cover the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) industry, including equipment manufacturers and contractors, but also installers of electrical, electro-technical and electronic systems as well as plumbing systems. With this letter we highlighted the need to guarantee the effectiveness of the energy label and also outlined two primary reservations on the labelling of professional equipment and the Dealer/Installer Label.

  • Cooperation with EPIA (former European Photovoltaic Industry Association), now called SOLARPOWER EUROPE on:

    European projects SUNRISE and INSTALL+RES

    Photovoltaics promotion campaign: Your Sun Your energy

  • European PV technology platform: AIE chairmanship of WG, publications of Frequently Asked Questions, leaflet for installers

  • Member of the Sherpa group within Orgalime (European Engineering Industries Association) on the ELECTRA report

  • Discussion and contacts with Lighting Europe on lighting design legislation, uptake of the LED market

  • Partnership with KNX in the framework of the European Competition of Young Electricians, the Council of Delegates and the International KNX awards

  • During the well-known Light and Building event in Frankfurt in 2014, Janne Skogberg had the privilege to open the KNX awards event attended by more than 1.500 people, by handing over the first price to the winner in the category KNX International – Europe.

  • Associate membership of World skills Europe creating a new individual category for ‘Electrical installations’ - aie-cye blog

  • In addition, the AIE and Euroskills’ experts agreed to have the AIE – European Association of Electrical Contractors - as a platform for the experts to communicate and share views and experiences before, during and after the competition!
    The AIE as Worldskills Europe associate member stimulates the networking between members, experts and stakeholders of the installation sector. By daily blogging and posting the 'Electrical Installations' competitors' efforts on AIE’s digital communication channels during the Euroskills competition, the electrical installation sector is put in the spotlight, whilst enhancing the visibility of the electrical branch. The AIE encourages everyone to promote and publish both the aie-cye blog and the facebook page on their own digital media, to show what highly skilled electricians of today can manage and to what future apprentices can reach for!

  • AIE is an official recognized as a BUILD UP Partner.

  • Build UP partners are well-established umbrella and network organisations committed to energy efficiency in buildings across Europe. The AIE joined the BUILD UP initiative as an official partner, following an invitation from the European Commission. Launched in 2009, BUILD UP is a European Commission initiative aiming to reduce the energy consumption of buildings across Europe. promotes the effective implementation of energy saving measures in buildings and offers free access to a wide range of information on best practices, technologies and legislation for energy reduction. Via the interactive BUILD UP web portal, building professionals, public authorities and building occupants across Europe can easily share experiences, knowledge and best practices.

  • Contacts with Europacable on the sector related issues amongst which the study under the ecodesign legislation on power cables

  • Regular contacts with CECAPI (European Committee of electrical installation equipment manufacturers)

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