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> 2014

  • A 'print-ready' brochure especially made for the AIE members that have contributed and for those still contributing for many years to come.
    We are proud to say that the European Association for Electrical Contractors today already exists 60 years (1954 - 2014). Click on the image to download or view the publication on our AIE library.

> 2013

  • Electra II - 'The Smart World'
    On the 24th April at the Hannover Messe, the European Commission were presented with the follow-up from the original Electra Report (June 2008) - 'The Smart World'.

    In front of an audience of industrialists, businessmen, entrepeneurs and decision makes alike, the electrical engineering and electronics industry presented through Electra aims to:

    a) briefly analyse the results of the first Electra report, looking at those areas where progress has been achieved and at those where more needs to be done.
    b) outline the changes that have arisen following the 2008-2009 economic crash
    c) re-examine the challenges at societal level that Europe faces today.

    In 2008, the Electra report was launched. Its aim was to determine what conditions needed to be met to ensure that the EU's electrical engineering and electronics industry, one of Europe's leading manufacturing and export sectors with an output in 2006 of some 320 billion euro and employing some 2.8 million people, should continue to grow, and at an even higher rate. The Electra report was cited in the conclusions of the Competitiveness Council in 2009 and the European Commission issues a Communication 'Electra'.

    Electra II - 'The Smart World'

    Download/view the full report at AIE Issuu library or visit the official website:

> 2012

AIE position on Public Procurement
AIE position paper on EC Financial support for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
ElectraII position paper by Sherpa Group (including AIE): ElectraII: The Smart World Brochure_FIN
Annexes ElectraII can be viewed at our Issuu Library or can be downloaded in ZIP-file
AIE position paper to group Solid State Lighting [GP SSL]
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