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Highlight: German electrical contracting sector rose to new heights in 2018

In 2018 the number of people employed in the electrical contracting sector of the EU's largest economy surpassed the 500.000 milestone. The sector turnover reached 61.1 billion €, with a 5.8% year-on-year growth.

These numbers come from both the German Federal Statistical Office and AIE German member association ZVEH - Zentralverband der Deutschen Elektro- und Informationstechnischen Handwerke.

On 10 April, ZVEH released the results of a sector survey, showing that, not only has business continued steady growth throughout recent months, but the future also looks bright. Indeed, almost all survey respondents (98.1%) define their current economic climate as positive and almost half of them (48.2%) have full order books for at least the next two months.

Energy services, digitalization and electromobility fill the order books, showing how the electrical contracting business in the biggest European market is going through a tremendous modernization and expansion.

With this sector growth and evolution, some challenges remain to be addressed. First, there is a need for more workers; indeed, ZVEH survey shows that 61.5% of companies working with digital products report vacancies, especially for skilled employees. Second, companies must organize the necessary training that is necessary to update the skills and adapt to the requirements of digitalization.

The numbers in this report are quite in line with the trends repeated around Europe. Further, looking at the Commission’s recently published 2050 strategy, we can only expect more digitalization and electrification in the years to come.


AIE launches new Value Chain Working Group

Article 2 Electrical contracting activities across Europe are on the rise. Emerging electrical and digital, decentralized and clean technologies are driving the demand for installations and services offered by electrical contractors. The future of the electrical contracting sector does look bright; however, some challenges such as the inability of small, traditional businesses to adapt to the evolving technologies and working practices, may be a brake to the growth of the sector.

AIE has just launched a Value Chain Working Group which will identify growing challenges and opportunities for electro-technical service companies, as well as successful initiatives and practices contributing to providing electrical contractors with a predominant role along the electrical and construction/building value chains.

Working Group membership is open to AIE member associations, as well as to electrical contracting businesses. Do not hesitate to contact Giorgia Concas, AIE Secretary General, for any question you may have regarding this Group.


AIE will be at the European Sustainable Energy Week

Article 2 The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is the biggest European event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe.


This year, AIE will be present at one of the sessions of the Policy Conference. Our Secretary General, Giorgia Concas, will contribute as a speaker to a session titled “How will digitalisation transform the energy system?”, scheduled for 9:00 – 10:30 AM on 19 June.

Together with representatives from the International Energy Agency, the Coalition for Energy Savings, SolarPower Europe, Smarten and European Energy Retailers. Giorgia will address crucial questions like access to data, system flexibility and demand response, to identify how digitalization can support energy efficiency.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

AIE & SolarPower Europe will hold a webinar series on “collective self-consumption”

Article 2 Adopted in 2018 after two years of intense negotiations, the Clean Energy Package recognised the collective self-consumption model for the first time.

This model allows different consumers located in the same building, or in the same area, to share electricity produced by a joint project, thereby unlocking access to decentralized clean energy for a wide range of consumers.

The time has come to unwrap the Clean Energy Package, as Member States need to translate the Renewable Energy Directive into national legislation by 30 June 2019.

With a series of joint webinars, AIE and SolarPower Europe, will take a deep dive into collective self-consumption frameworks across Europe, map the good and bad practices, and make recommendations for the future of collective self-consumption in Europe.


The first Webinar will be held from 2PM to 3PM on May 23. You can register here for free!


“Wellbeing Through Electricity”: AIE Finnish member association shows the way to an electrified future in 2030

Article 2 The Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland STUL, our Finnish member, is part of a consortium of local actors that founded the Wellbeing Through Electricity project. The latter aims to promote a vision of the future of electricity in daily life in Finland by 2030, and consists of four themes:

• Comfortable, energy-efficient buildings serve their users and produce energy;

• Electricity moves people and things;

• Electricity is intelligent;

• Electricity increases wellbeing and security.

These themes comprise various areas of application and countless prospective projects. The ideas and implementation activities are supported by the project, bringing together different actors in the industry. The aim of this project is to display how electrification can be beneficial to the people of Finland. To this end, ever year a seminar is held focusing on a particular topic. This year, the theme was “With electricity to the carbon-free future” and it showcased real-life examples of how their 2030 vision is coming true.

With electricity to the carbon-free future

The only way to decisively reduce the carbon dioxide emissions released to the atmosphere is by transitioning to a carbon-free energy economy. This can be implemented profitably and globally with electricity as long as there is the political will to enact change. The basics of the technologies already exist, and new, more advanced solutions are being developed constantly. According to research results, the transition can be financed by the savings achieved by phasing out fossil fuels.

This is what the specialists at the Vision Seminar ”Wellbeing Through Electricity” explained, as they represent a wide spectrum of expertise from the fields of climate change research and futurology to energy systems and technology solutions developers. The annual seminar gathered more than two hundred business executives, experts and influencers to The Finnish Science Centre Heureka.

A great example of a positive change in society is the current breakthrough of electric vehicles – a development that has been broadly acknowledged in society and which concerns not only motorists but also condominiums, employers, energy companies, legislators, city planners and traffic planners.

A carbon-free future is becoming a reality in other parts of the energy system as well and can been seen in increasing solar and wind energy production, smart buildings and environmentally-conscious electricity users. Smart electric networks that combines the big picture are undergoing a major transformation to better serve decentralized energy generation and storage of electricity.

Completely new solutions will also be joining the energy grid, utilizing energy and material circulation and aiming at emission-free production. This contributes to building an energy system with a target for a carbon-free future – and with electricity at the core.

Watch the videos and slides from the presentations at the Wellbeing Through Electricity vision seminar, as well as photos of the event here.

For further information, please contact: Tarja Hailikari, Managing Director, Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association (STK), Tel. 040 735 8673; tarja.hailikari (at) and

Wellbeing Through Electricity is a vision of the future and the role of electricity in our daily life in 2030. The organizations engaged are Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association, Association of Finnish Electrical Designers NSS, The Electrical Contractors´ Association of Finland STUL, SESKO – Electrotechnical Standardization in Finland and The Finnish Association for Electrical Safety. In addition, several other companies and organizations in the industry work as affiliates.

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