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Press Release | Joint Summit AIE-GCP 20-23.09.2017

Historical Vienna was the scenery for the joint AIE-GCP Installer Summit hosted by the three Austrian Federal Associations, „Bundesinnung der Sanitär-, Heizungs- und Lüftungstechniker“, „Bundesinnung der Elektro-, Gebäude-, Alarm- und Kommunikationstechniker“ and „Verband Zentralheizungs- und Lüftungsbau“. AIE President Thomas Carlsson [Installatörsforetagen/EIO] warmly thanked the Austrian team and was very pleased to welcome our USA and South African electrical colleagues once again. In his speech, he stated that Europe is rich because of its differences as long as we are willing to learn and share! Therefore, associations must be able to adapt and be flexible…

AIE infoflash: AIE, AREA and GCP Europe Joint Position on inspections, indoor quality and electro mobility infrastructure in the framework of EPBD

The AIE (European Association of electrical contracting companies), AREA (European association of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump contractors) and GCP Europe (Voice of the efficient building engineering services), the 3 main European associations representing the interest of the installers agreed jointly on 3 specific elements of the proposal of utmost importance for the installation sector:

Coalition Letter: Let's not miss the full potential of a strong EPBD

On Tuesday 6th of June, 15 industry associations amongst which the AIE, addressed an open letter to members of the European Parliament and officials in the EU Member States in which they support the recently proposed recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) by the European Commission but equally strongly advocate that an ambitious EU Energy policy will be beneficial to EU Member States and could be a growth and jobs drivers if it is done the right way.

Smart Buildings Decoded: the concept beyond the buzzword

BPIE explored the concept of Smart buildings and came with an answer to the question: ‘What is a smart building?’
The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) put the finishing touches  on its  comprehensive work on smart buildings, providing a working definition of a ‘smart building’  and  making  detailed  policy  recommendations  to  encourage  their  growth.  The current negotiations on the Clean Energy for All Europeans package are a final opportunity to shape the European building stock of 2030. This latest intervention comes at a crucial point in support of those pushing for more ambitious policy and a genuinely smart European building stock of the 2030s.

Are EU countries ready for the transition to smart buildings?

EU BUILDINGS NEED TO GET SMART: The European building stock and energy system are at the initial stages of becoming smart: moving from a centralised, fossil fuel-based and highly-energy-consuming system towards one that is more efficient, decentralised, consumer-focused and powered by renewable energy.

Global Energy Trends - World Energy Outlook 2016

The AIE recently attended the presentation of the latest World Energy Outlook, report edited by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on the future trends and perspectives of the energy markets worldwide. Evelyne Schellekens reports on the main conclusions: 1. Energy security is and remains a major concern. | 2. There are new oil market dynamics and thus we are entering a period of greater oil market volatility.

Oil security in the US has become their top priority, with the major goal to make the US independent of oil imports by increasing their own production! The IEA expects that they may reach their target because their domestic oil production is increasing tremendously. ...

Climate Package published: AIE prepares position paper

The European Commission released important pieces of the European energy legislation, gathered in the previously-called Winter Package, now renamed Clean Energy for All Europeans, placing consumers at the heart of the EU’s energy strategy. Commission’s Energy Union Chief Maros Sefcovic had previously said that it will not be possible to achieve the 2030 targets if we overlook the enormous potential of buildings in Europe. The Commission has recognised that building renovation has also great potential to create local jobs ...

AIE Infoflash: Accurate EU reporting versus enablers of falsehood and how to cope with it in future journalism?

AIE attended an interesting debate on Tuesday 18th October organized by the European Ombudsman on Truth, Facts and Social Media and how to cope with it in future journalism. Emily O' Reilly – the European Ombudsman - launched the debate by suspecting that if the most pro EU of us, had spent the six months prior to Brexit reading nothing but the Daily Mail (a mass market tabloid with a highly political anti-EU agenda), many of us might also have voted to leave.

AIE infoflash: A step closer to revising the posting of workers Directive

MEPs adopted Mid-September a report from Guillaume Balas (French Socialist MEP) on the highly controversial subject of social dumping, bringing the EU one step closer to revising the Posting of Workers Directive, despite vigorous opposition in the East. The report also addresses a suitable balance between the demands of work, family commitments and personal life and p