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AIE-GCP Installer Summit 2017 in Vienna - registration for all members open now

AIE President Thomas Carlsson warmly thanks the three Austrian Federal Associations, „Bundesinnung der Sanitär-, Heizungs- und Lüftungstechniker“, „Bundesinnung der Elektro-, Gebäude-, Alarm- und Kommunikationstechniker“ and „Verband Zentralheizungs- und Lüftungsbau“ who cordially invited AIE and GCP members to this event.This year´s Joint Congress of AIE and GCP EUROPE will take place in Vienna, Austria, from 20th to 23rd September 2017 under the motto “energy and building services of the future”.

Commission approves German state aid for electric vehicle charging

The European Commission approved on the 13th of February a German scheme for rolling out electric vehicle charging stations across the country, arguing it fills a gap in the market and fits with decarbonization targets!Costing €300 million over four years, the German program is aimed at installing more high-speed charging points. Any company, individual or local authority can apply for cash from the pool.

Are EU countries ready for the transition to smart buildings?

EU BUILDINGS NEED TO GET SMART: The European building stock and energy system are at the initial stages of becoming smart: moving from a centralised, fossil fuel-based and highly-energy-consuming system towards one that is more efficient, decentralised, consumer-focused and powered by renewable energy.

Global Energy Trends - World Energy Outlook 2016

The AIE recently attended the presentation of the latest World Energy Outlook, report edited by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on the future trends and perspectives of the energy markets worldwide. Evelyne Schellekens reports on the main conclusions: 1. Energy security is and remains a major concern. | 2. There are new oil market dynamics and thus we are entering a period of greater oil market volatility.

Oil security in the US has become their top priority, with the major goal to make the US independent of oil imports by increasing their own production! The IEA expects that they may reach their target because their domestic oil production is increasing tremendously. ...

Climate Package published: AIE prepares position paper

The European Commission released important pieces of the European energy legislation, gathered in the previously-called Winter Package, now renamed Clean Energy for All Europeans, placing consumers at the heart of the EU’s energy strategy. Commission’s Energy Union Chief Maros Sefcovic had previously said that it will not be possible to achieve the 2030 targets if we overlook the enormous potential of buildings in Europe. The Commission has recognised that building renovation has also great potential to create local jobs ...

AIE Infoflash: Accurate EU reporting versus enablers of falsehood and how to cope with it in future journalism?

AIE attended an interesting debate on Tuesday 18th October organized by the European Ombudsman on Truth, Facts and Social Media and how to cope with it in future journalism. Emily O' Reilly – the European Ombudsman - launched the debate by suspecting that if the most pro EU of us, had spent the six months prior to Brexit reading nothing but the Daily Mail (a mass market tabloid with a highly political anti-EU agenda), many of us might also have voted to leave.

AIE infoflash: A step closer to revising the posting of workers Directive

MEPs adopted Mid-September a report from Guillaume Balas (French Socialist MEP) on the highly controversial subject of social dumping, bringing the EU one step closer to revising the Posting of Workers Directive, despite vigorous opposition in the East. The report also addresses a suitable balance between the demands of work, family commitments and personal life and provoked discussion on minimum income schemes across the EU.

AIE and Solar Power Europe met with Cabinet of Commissioner Malmström

As a follow-up to the joint co-signed letter in July, the AIE and Solar Power Europe met on Tuesday 20 September 2016 with the Cabinet of Commissioner Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner on Trade, to discuss the solar panels and cells trade case.

The AIE, the Solar Industry and its value chain call for the End of Trade Measures on Chinese Solar Panels and Cells

On the 5th of July, the letter was finalized and sent by 34 solar and renewable energy organisations to Commissioner Malmström calling on the European Commission to end punitive trade measures on Chinese solar panels and cells. The AIE and other signatories, representing over 1,3 million European jobs, believe that the measures are having a negative impact on the solar sector in Europe.

6 key considerations on the review of the Primary Energy Factor, co-signed by installers and industry.

AIE sent a joint position paper on the review of the Primary Energy Factor [PEF] in the Framework of the Energy Efficiency Directive together with six other European associations. The signing organizations of this joint statement - being installers and industry - support the