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One of the AIE important activities is to behold and extend relations with other European stakeholders of the electrical value chain and stimulate networking between members and associations.

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  • > A short overview of other European stakeholders of the electrical value chain

    ACE Architects Council of Europe

    CECAPI [European Committee of Electrical Installation Equipment Manufacturers]

    CECED [European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers]

    CENCENELEC [Making standards for Europe]

    CENELEC [Making standards for Europe]

    EBC [The European Builders Confederation]

    EHPA [European Heat Pump Association]

    EURELECTRIC [Union of the Electricity Industry]

    EUEW [European Union of Electrical Wholesalers]

    EUROPACABLE [The European Confederation of National Associations of Manufacturers of Insulated Wire and Cable]

    FIEC [European Construction Industry Federation]

    FISUEL [Fédération Internationale pour la sécurité des usagers de l'électricité]

    GCP EUROPE [The voice of the €fficient building engineering services]

    KNX [International Organisation for Home and Building Control]

    ORGALIME [European federation of national industry associations representing the European mechanical, electrical, electronic and metal articles industries]

    LIGHTING EUROPE [The voice of the lighting industry]

    SOLARPOWER EUROPE [European Photovoltaic Industry Association]

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