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We are proud to say that the European Association for Electrical Contractors already exists for 60 years! Explore the brochure especially made for the AIE members that have contributed and for those still contributing for many years to come.

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  • AIE: 60 years association life!

    Associations are the hubs of civil society – places where relationships grow and are sustained. An association with a big A is about connections, links, partnerships and networks. It is about gathering people together, gathering information, gathering hearts and minds…

    But true association is of course also about listening and to be heard: when you are pleased to be associated with a cause, an organization… when you feel your voice is heard!

  • 60 years ago, the four founding countries of the AIE – Denmark, England, France and Italy – acknowledged the value of the saying: “In two heads you have more than one”.

    Today, 60 years later, the world has changed, technologies have tremendously evolved and competitiveness has increased in a global market. The European Union has and continues to change: enlargement to 28 countries, the Eurozone, the declining industrial competitiveness in Europe, the controversial impact of the internal market and free movement of workers… These are huge challenges we face! Nevertheless, we have the choice: we face it or we escape by sticking our heads in the sand and hope it will disappear by itself.

  • In Europe 60 years later, 75% of the national legislation is deriving directly from European Directives or Regulations.

    In Brussels only, more than 2000 officially registered associations are monitoring and lobbying all initiatives from the European institutions and are active in European affairs. The AIE is of course one of them!

    In the European landscape and during the legislative process, the AIE has raised its profile and positioned itself in order to participate at an early stage to important discussions at European level. We can be proud of ourselves to have contributed to meaningful successes and to obtain satisfaction for the electrical contracting community in Directives such as in the European Buildings Performance Directive where technical systems in buildings are today acknowledged as key in the achievement of the EU energy policy; in the Renewables Directive where existing qualification schemes for small scale renewable systems need to be taken into account next to new qualification schemes. Furthermore the role of installers as energy services providers and the importance of trade associations in the installers’ qualification schemes are explicitly recognized in the latest Energy Efficiency Directive. In the Public procurement Directive, a long battle against the lowest price has been won in favour of the economically most advantageous tenders next to several other measures favouring SME’s. In the Ecodesign Directive we avoided the ban of electric space heaters and more recently the AIE mobilised the electrical value chain of the negative impact for the electrical sector of the Primary energy conversion factor.

  • Sometimes AIE’s added value or work is more difficult to demonstrate…

    in particular in what didn’t happen thanks to AIE action e.g. when the AIE managed to dissuade the European Commission not to follow and adopt the requirement of the lighting industry or the renewable sector who pushed for specific and compulsory installers’ certification schemes.

  • The AIE has developed over the years most valuable cooperation, partnerships and alliances with other sector related associations...

    such as most recently regarding the Primary energy conversion factor, as cooperating partner of CENELEC in the standardization field, as associate member of World skills Europe to whom the AIE requested a stand-alone category ‘electrical installation’ in the Euroskills competition or with KNX to promote energy efficient technologies. The AIE has certainly achieved through cooperation with other stakeholders more than one could think. Through position papers, panel discussions, webinars, internal meetings, one can say that AIE enhance, inspire, change, advise and informs about the value of the electrical contracting community. By closely monitoring the European scene, the AIE informs and listens to its national associations as to properly influence about the important role of the electrical contractor in the market place when installing new and energy efficient technologies and offering intelligent solutions to the customer.

  • AIE is all of this: exchange and share, inform and discuss, listen and learn!

    Since 60 years the AIE works as an information and network platform towards its member associations whilst monitoring and lobbying the electrical contractors’ interest towards the EU institutions and gaining importance on the European scene! TOGETHER is therefore the right European word and vision to be used to celebrate 60 years of AIE existence!

    Evelyne Schellekens | AIE General Secretary


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