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WorldSkills Europe raises awareness for today’s need for skilled young professionals across Europe. The organisation promotes excellence in the field of skills and competence development by orchestrating the biennial EuroSkills event, a spectacular promotion of professions for young people. In 2014 the success story of the European competition of Young Electricians - CYE from 1992 till 2012 - was integrated into the new Euroskills competition for the first time in Lille, France. Today, Sweden is hosting the Euroskills 2016 competition in Gothenburg.

Over the years, these competitions adapted and further developed various techniques, offering a good platform to young talented professional people to give their beginning career an extra kick start.

View 'Short History CYE 1992 till 2014'

  • > EuroSkills is the European skills competition for young people up to 25 years. It’s a spectacular promotion of the professions, held every two years in one of the WorldSkills Europe member states. In 2008 Euroskills was created and performed for the first time in Rotterdam. 30 professions have been competing together for medals. AIE became 'associate member' of World Skills Europe in 2013.

    In the framework of Euroskills the AIE and WorldSkills Europe experts form a platform to give their guidance and expertise to young professionals. The single trade competition 'Electrical Installations' counts 17 participants today who will take the challenge. A real success!

    > In 2016 Euroskills will be organized in Gothenburg, Sweden.

    Official website:

    The presentation brochure for experts and candidates Euroskills Gotheburg sets three important key factors during the competition in Sweden: Sustainability, Interactivtiy and Modern Technology.

    EuroSkills Gothenburg 2016 aims to set an example and show the way for sustainable skills competitions. We intend to minimise the environmental impact of the event and make a positive contribution to society, our stakeholders and the local economy.

    EuroSkills Gothenburg 2016 will be an engaging experience that appeals to all the senses and offers great opportunities to see demonstrations of the best skills, listen to inspiring speakers, ask professionals questions and try out different vocations and skills yourself

    EuroSkills Gothenburg 2016 will use the latest information technology to enhance interactivity and present images of current and future working environments.

    > Competitions like these show future young professionals visiting the event what they can expect from the dual vocational education system, being a guarantee for full employment.

    Highly qualified and well-trained professionals will always be required and needed!
    Follow the participants' adventures through the official blogspot for the single trade competition 'Electrical Installations':

    Links: Blogspot | Facebook

    Links: What is WorldSkills Europe? | Euroskills 2016 Gothenburg

    > The AIE secretariat encourages every member (and beyond) to promote and publish both the aie-cye blog and the facebook page on their own digital media, to show what highly skilled electricians of today can manage and to what future apprentices can reach for! Mailto: and tell us to keep you posted on further updates for Euroskills2016, or how to help to promote the competition. Let's give these young professionals all the media attention that they deserve!

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