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In 2016 Cedefop [European Centre for development of Vocational training] launched its first ever opinion survey aimed at investigating EU citizens’ opinions on vocational education and training. AIE supports the fact that VET can play a strategic role in providing the EU with a workforce ready for the challenges lying ahead. Improving and maintaining high-level workforce skills and competences is essential to ensuring that Europe remains competitive and innovative against increasing global competition, fast-changing labour-market needs and demographic challenges.

Opinions matter.

In vocational education and training (VET) people’s opinions on the image, the quality, outcomes and effectiveness of VET provision may have a significant impact not only on an individual’s education choice but also on policymaking. Opinions may be based on emotional factors and are not the result of informed and rational estimations. Even the best VET policies will be successful only if they are implemented in a trustful environment and are well-received by individuals and societies. A total of 35 646 face-to-face interviews were conducted with citizens of the 28 Member States.

Designed to complement existing European data sources and statistics, the first Cedefop opinion survey on VET in Europe is aimed providing unique comparative information on how EU citizens view VET in their country. The survey provides an unprecedented perspective on EU citizens’ opinions on awareness, attractiveness, experience and effectiveness of vocational education and training in the EU.

This is one of the reasons why AIE stimulates its members and other stakeholders beyond the electrical value chain to positively promote the high level image of the electrical sector and to boost young people to choose for an electrical related vocational study.

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