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EuroSkills 2018 sparks interest in electrical apprenticeships for youth across Europe

1 October 2018, Budapest - Last week, over 500 talented youth from 28 countries gathered in Budapest to showcase their professional skills at EuroSkills 2018. This bi-annual event is a cornerstone for the promotion of professional development of European youth, which is why AIE has been a supporter of the electrical installation segment of the competition for the past 4 years.

“AIE is thrilled to be a supporter of EuroSkills for yet another year of exciting competition. Initiatives like this are a unique platform to raise awareness about the importance of skilled young professionals and exchange information between youth, educators, industry, policy makers, and other organisations to provide more opportunities for training and innovation”, said Giorgia Concas, Secretary General of AIE.

“The competition has evolved over the years, paralleling the evolution of the sector in general. This year was particularly special as competitors were challenged with the installation and programming of complex digital technologies to automate controls and lighting, elements that are now becoming standard in many buildings across Europe. On top of this, for the first time ever there were two female competitors, demonstrating that the profession is taking steps in the right direction to gender equality”, stated Adrian Sommer, Chief Expert of the Electrical Installation competition at EuroSkills 2018 and AIE member.

“The electrification of our society means thousands of new local jobs for Europeans – but we need to have trained workers to fulfill this demand. With an aging workforce and new technologies on the market everyday, we need Europe’s young people to be interested in this thriving sector. Being an electrical contractor is a multifaceted and dynamic profession, combining business with engineering with hands-on technical work – an apprenticeship should be seen as a first-choice for our youth to embark on an exciting career path”, commented Alyssa Pek, Communications Advisor of AIE.

The winner of this year’s competition was Daniel Gerber of Switzerland, a motivated 23-year-old elite athlete turned electrician who is currently completing his apprenticeship for electrical installations in his home country. Following in second place was Diana Reuter of Germany and Ståle Brå of Norway in third place. AIE would like to congratulate all participants of EuroSkills 2018, as they all exhibited immense skills and dedication throughout the competition, demonstrating that the future of the sector is in the right hands.

Learn more about EuroSkills 2018 here.

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