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Electric cars will power 200,000 jobs by 2030 – new study

29 November 2018, Brussels - A new study by the European Association of Electrical Contractors (AIE) anticipates nearly 200,000 jobs will be created in the electricity sector by 2030 as a result of a shift to electric cars - more than twice the number that could be lost in car manufacturing.

The study takes into account all the new parts of the automotive value chain needed to power the EV revolution including: battery and charger manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance of recharging points, grid connection and reinforcement and increased electricity generation.

Giorgia Concas, Secretary General of AIE said, “The shift to electric cars will create 200 thousand new jobs, the majority for electrical contractors across Europe. Over 90% of electrical contracting companies are small and medium-sized enterprises, electromobility is therefore a massive business opportunity for local companies to generate local, green, highly skilled jobs.”

Janne Skogberg, Electromobility Expert at AIE added, “The jobs that are produced through a shift to electric cars will become a major driver for local economies. These jobs can’t be offshored or replaced by robots and will provide secure employment across Europe for decades to come. The study estimates that by 2060 over 1.2 million jobs will be created – more than sufficient to replace the manufacturing jobs being lost through automation and the shift to battery electric cars that are simpler to build and require less maintenance.”

Oddvin Breiteig, Electromobility Expert at AIE stated, “200 thousand jobs is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of job potential for electromobility. The study only considers passenger vehicles, but buses, trucks, and ships are already being electrified and will create even more green, electrical engineering jobs. Fitting recharging points will also happen in parallel with smart grid and building solutions such as fitting solar PV and battery systems. In addition to the environmental benefits, there is undeniable economic potential from a shift to electromobility.”

Read the full study here.

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