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The European Commission approved on the 13th of February a German scheme for rolling out electric vehicle charging stations across the country, arguing it fills a gap in the market and fits with decarbonization targets!

Costing €300 million over four years, the German program is aimed at installing more high-speed charging points. Any company, individual or local authority can apply for cash from the pool.

“The Commission considers that this measure will encourage a significant uptake of electric vehicles and therefore make a major contribution towards meeting the common interest of reducing emissions and improving air quality,” the Commission said.

The financing scheme also requires that electricity for the charging infrastructure come from renewable sources. Under its Energiewende strategy, Germany is pushing to replace nuclear and fossil fuels with cleaner energy sources.

“Electric vehicles can provide real benefits to society by reducing harmful emissions and noise pollution. The German support scheme will encourage consumers and businesses to use electric vehicles,” said Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

Early financial support will help jump-start investment in the sector, the Commission said. In 2015, a report from the German government’s National Electromobility Platform said that some 5,700 additional fast charging stations would be needed by 2020.

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