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Mr Constantin’s main messages to the wide audience of wholesalers and manufacturers of Europe was the following (extract of the speech):

“There is enough space for everybody to deploy energy efficient solutions and technologies in building: the new technology and new products are available and ready for use!

Today the electrical industry offers us a wealth of new, intelligent and efficient technology and in addition, internet and the digitalisation are pushing us to change the way we used to do business: change the way both wholesalers and electrical contractors deliver services to their respective customer, change the installation practices further to processes as BIM and integrated and interconnected equipment.

Of course, the good news is that it will equally introduce additional business opportunities…………… if we do it properly!

Owners of buildings today expect more: more comfort, more functional requirements and services, more sustainable energy management, green and intelligent solutions, more interconnection…. Innovation and digital processes such as BIM help that happening, and more than ever it will be important for installation companies to have neutral interfaces with correct, reliable and up-date product data. Therefore, we invite you to reflect together on how and by whom the information and data will be managed for the benefit of the whole electrical value chain.

Don’t forget the installer is the main and most important partner for wholesalers and manufacturers. He is on-site and is the main contact point for the client! He is the one who advises, installs and connects the appropriate products and equipment and put them into service. But to do our job properly, the only channel for the product to reach the client should be the installer! And we, the installers, need to ensure we have qualified and trained workforce! In a strong, united and respectful value chain each one has a role to play: manufacturers produce, wholesalers distribute, installers install and this will bring benefits to all!

Let’s continue to build up and maintain sound and respectful relationships, to talk to each other about potential new concepts as BIM, share and understand each other’s problems and concerns and develop win-win business models.”

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